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The distance between our dreams and reality is called Action.

Therapy under Hypnosis


My therapy practice is based on the notion that every person has the potential to be happy and fulfilled. 

My goal is to help every client realize this potential. To accomplish this goal I've created a holistic approach which works on emotional, mental and subconscious levels.  

Therapy under Hypnosis utilizes counseling techniques and clinical hypnosis to work through the emotional baggage of the past and create tools and strategies to deal with the present in healthier ways. Each session includes the two parts: 60 minutes of counseling and 30 minutes of clinical hypnosis.

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I believe that...

It's all about being happy. That's what we all want: feeling content, balanced, complete, accountable to self, excited about life and enjoying the present.

The center of control is you.

The reality of modern life keeps us focused on external success, acceptance of others and juggling everyday life. As a result we often neglect the needs of our true self. The idea of personal happiness feels vague, our personal goals remain unclear, there are too many external priorities and fears — as a result we lose ourselves and lose control. Our environment takes over and starts controlling us instead. This causes anxiety, panic attacks, fear, loss of confidence and motivation, anger, frustration, etc. 

Our behaviors, habits and emotions shape our reality.

Good examples of people practicing balanced and fulfilled life are hard to find. The ones that we do know of may not have happened to be our parents to pass those skills to us. Most of us learned how to adapt, fit in, avoid, defend and be liked, but we don’t know how to be who we really are. Unconsciously we keep repeating those behaviors for the lack of better tools. 

In order to live differently, we need to think and act differently.

More specifically we need to have the right behaviors, emotional skills, thinking strategies and attitudes to create more positive, balanced and fulfilled life, learn how to solve problems and achieve goals. This is a big part of the therapy process.

Therapy process and clinical hypnosis

Therapy under Hypnosis creates changes on 3 levels:

1. Emotions: Clinical hypnosis helps to resolve old fears and insecurities, process emotional baggage, disconnect from old ideas and beliefs which still drive our behaviors and decisions, e.g. beliefs created due to previous events/relationships, childhood traumas, bad parenting.    


2. The Mind: We work together to create better tools - behaviors, habits, thinking strategies, emotional skills, attitudes - that are compatible with emotionally stable, positive and balanced life. We also learn and practice better decision and choice making, constructive thinking and dealing with worries and anxieties.


3. Personality, Identity and Goals: Fulfillment comes from pursuing meaningful goals, being who you are and living consciously instead of reacting to life. We explore these levels so you can run your life not reactively, but proactively.

In this part of our work we practice:

  - healthy ways to express and process emotions

  - emotional self-sufficiency

  - managing your thoughts, actions and communication

  - developing a positive self-image and good relationship with self

  - personal responsibility, boundaries

  - self-regulation, self-control

  - autonomy (think and act for yourself)

  - setting goals

  - managing stress

  - motivation, creating meaning in life

  - making choices

  - self-love

  - confidence, self-trust, self-reliance

  - feeling complete by yourself and in relationships

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Clinical hypnosis


Clinical hypnosis is a state of deep physical relaxation. It allows to work directly with the mind, bypassing the doubt system and the filters of consciousness. In clinical hypnosis the mind stays awake while the body gets very relaxed. It feels similarly to when you are falling asleep or waking up.


Clinical hypnosis is a tool that I use to guide the mind to find and fix inefficiencies. It allows the mind to work through and disconnect from the old emotional baggage, create more clarity and calmness.

Who I can help


Therapy under Hypnosis resolves the issues of psychological origin - the ones which are created and driven by the mind. 


There are more complicated cases when the issues/symptoms occur due to less than optimal brain functioning. This can be a result of both physiological and psychological reasons. In these cases Therapy under Hypnosis may not work.


In order to understand if this method works for you, you are invited to come to a free consultation. This time is dedicated to talking to a potential client and making an assessment about the client's progress and success with the therapy.

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