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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Emerson


Shauna M. 


I don't even know where to start. 


I guess I can start with Julia changed and saved my life. I suffered from anxiety/depression

since I was very young, as I became an adult the anxiety got even worse and turned

into addiction, unhealthy relationships, I felt like I was a walking shell almost every

day of my life. Then I came across Julia's Yelp page in November 2017, and I reached out.

Little did I know that she was exactly who I needed in order to be who I am today. 


As she told me, hypnosis is the easy part, but it's the other work that she gives that made me REALLY

work on myself. Fast forward to today, I've found myself and my purpose. I'm overall a much better, healthier, happier, mindful person than I ever have been. (PS. I go to Pilates a few times a week now, you'd be so proud of me!) 


If you're feeling how I did back in November (and for months and years before that) and curious about alternative healing, don't have a second thought and reach out to her today.


Thank you for giving me my life back, I didn't think I could ever feel whole. You really did give me a new lease on life. I'm embracing it every single day.

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Take the Leap!


I was in a quarter life crisis after taking a break from my career to move cross country to be with my fiancé. I wasn't specifically looking for hypnotherapy, but I was open to it and am so glad I took the chance! It's a great compliment to talk therapy and has helped me get out of paralysis. I landed a new job doubling my salary, my relationship is stronger than ever, and I have never felt in more control of my emotions and future. Go for it!

Chris V. 


Calm, patient, and compassionate, Julia impressively navigates complex and emotionally charged situations to provide excellent guidance. I found her use of sound logic and cognitive reasoning in her therapy extremely useful and beneficial to me while her session made sure I always left relaxed despite being involved in deep and sometimes hard discussions. Thanks for everything!


Janelle G.


I've been seeing Julia for several months for anxiety and trouble focusing. When I started seeing her, I felt stuck in my career and unable to pull myself out of a routine of bad habits. Julia has helped me work through my situation with passion and a renewed sense of control. Julia's thoughtful and genuine nature lends itself so naturally to the experience of therapy. You can tell that Julia thrives seeing her patients improve their issues. The tips and tools she provides (in follow up emails) truly aid the work done in each session. I'm grateful to be in a much better place thanks to my time with Julia.

Erica X. 


I came to Julia because I was overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and I couldn't think clearly. I had some major life choices coming up and I wanted to be able to navigate them and make the choices that I really truly wanted, instead of getting disoriented and making choices based on fear or anxiety. 


Julia taught me a lot about how to control my anxiety and get more control over my life. After seeing her for 10 sessions, I no longer feel blown around like a leaf. I feel much more stable, even when in a situation that would have previously cause a lot of emotional turmoil. She taught me very simple, practical, and EFFECTIVE tools that I can use for the rest of my life. 


She is kind of like a therapist and a life coach all wrapped into one. I'd recommend her to my closest family and friends.

Cassandra G.


I'm an Iraqi war veteran, I served 6 years in the Army. When I got out I felt lost and all of a sudden I started getting anxiety attacks everyday and was really depressed. I would isolate myself and not care about anything in the world. I was just an overall unhappy grouchy person who would fight with everyone over anything. I went to VA and started taking medication to control my anxiety and depression. I also attended the group counseling they offered to learn coping mechanisms, but they didn't have a solution to my problems. My Army buddy recommended me to see Julia. I attended 16 cognitive hypnosis sessions. After the second session I started to feel happy again. Before I would get overwhelmed by all the stuff around me and couldn't focus. Now I feel confident and happy. I'm not on any medication anymore, I am not depressed and my anxiety is very low. My path to success is a lot more clear and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.



Great experience!! 


I just completed a total of 10 full sessions with Julia. She really helps you find the tools you need to achieve a better balance in life. She asks you some tough questions but gets you to really look within for your answers. She gears all the sessions to what you want to work on and always offers some solid sensible advice, but it is still up to you to use those tools she's giving you to effectively do the work. It's not easy but definitely worthwhile. Thank you Julia. :)

Cathy B.

Julia Lyubchenko has been working with my husband and I in hypnotherapy for the last three months.
We had been in and out of traditional therapy for the last 5 years. Although it had been helpful, hypnotherapy with Julia has really moved our relationship forward in ways we had never imagined.
My husband and I have been married for 34 years and he wasn't too keen on going to therapy in the first place. We had been working on healing from family of origin issues, but there grew to be a distance between us over the years and much misunderstanding.
Since working with Julia, my husband and I are finally able to be on the same page. Working through our issues in separate sessions with Julia, but during the same weeks, brought our healing to a new level. 
We seem to understand each other better and are becoming best friends.
Julias' techniques are very non-invasive and encouraging. She has so much patience which allows us to just be us while in therapy. We looked forward to every session. 
I would recommend hypnotherapy to any couple seeking help for a better relationship.

Assel S.


I had really great experience with Julia. She helped me understand better myself and some of the issues I struggled with, in a dipper level. Julia is a great hypnotherapist: very respectful, empathic and responsible. I felt heard and understood. I highly recommend her. You need to experienced this by yourself and you will see how it may change your life.

Natalia S.


Hi. My name is Natalia. I am so thankful to have had passed through those sessions with Julia. Most of my inner problems disappeared and with her help I found answers for the most important questions. When we were done with therapy I had a clear idea of who I am and what is my path. Now I keep growing on my own and feel myself completely another person.





Julia is the most patient, sensitive, and understanding person. She completely transformed my life. Her practical and simplistic approach to any issue that arose provided me with a sense of relief and a better grasp on dealing with overwhelming events in my life. Her professionalism and charisma went far above and beyond any of my expectations. I came in to see her on a whim after reading reviews and had no idea what to expect; in less than 10 sessions my life transformed. She is incredible. 

Kimberli K.

The Reboot

Going through life we all try to do the best we can. But what if we were offered capabilities to do more than the best we can. What if it were truly possible? What if your super human powers showed up? In taking this course, I brought it all. I want it all. I want life like no one has ever known. Each session provides more of those exact skills to have and be more than I ever thought possible. layer by layer you reboot into a new program where nothing can get in your way. NOTHING.



Julia is amazing at what she does


Julia he is a lovely person, non-judgmental and fantastic at what she does and believe me I am not easily impressed. I love her techniques they are logical and easy to grasp, she explained the science behind it which was important to me. Working with Julia has equipped me with tools to continue life with a positive outlook and confidence. I highly recommend her!



So much more effective for me than the traditional approach!


I've been in and out of therapy, and on and off medications for about 25 years, and nothing has made a bigger difference in such a short amount of time as therapy under hypnosis. I had never heard of it, but I knew that it might be just the thing to get me to snap out of my situation and see things more clearly, and I was right. Dr. Julia is patient and focused, and has helped make my life feel effortless, compared to the uphill grind, and no meds. You won't regret it.

Kind K.


Julia has a special way of communicating that makes you feel at ease. Her approach to her therapy is significantly powerful and transforming. I took the time to trust her and let the work sink in. I worked on the areas suggested and was totally successful with her assistance and care. I've become very much a new person with a new perspective that far reaches the lives of those around me. I am treated with more of the respect I have come to appreciate for myself, by those around me. It was a bit of a journey but in Julia's care, I now have a leash on life that is my own and I am forever grateful for all of her time and care.

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