"To mature means to stop looking for external support and start fostering your inner one".

- Fritz Perls

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About my practice

Our possibilities lie in the future - our power to make them happen is in the present. My therapy helps you develop a better awareness of self and acquire techniques and tools to solve problems, enjoy your life and achieve your goals.

Therapy under Hypnosis is a revolutionary technique which operates by unique and

different principles than conventional psychotherapy.


This is a practical experience of learning how to deal with problems, with yourself and others differently.


My work focuses on creating a clear perspective of the future, personal goals, success and individual ideas of happiness. At the same time developing the right tools to get there.

The past is done. I see it as an opportunity for learning, not a can of worms.

Our possibilities lie in the future - our power to make them happen is in the present.


My therapy helps you develop a better awareness of self and acquire techniques and tools to solve problems, enjoy your life and achieve your goals.


Our conscious self and our mind are constantly wrestling each other. The mind knows everything that we have learned and experienced before. A big part of this knowledge is helpful, however some of our past experiences become the foundation of fears and limitations.


When we reach the critical point of getting nowhere using old strategies of the mind driven by fears, we get overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, etc. Dependency on control weakens the muscle of confidence, self-trust and self-worth and throws us back in fear where the mind is ready to activate the survival mode. And so the vicious cycle continues.


Contrary to the mind, our conscious self generates new ideas and goals, aspires for better life and kicks us out of our comfort zone to get there. It acts based on the idea of a desired future vs the reality of the past.


And so do I.


I believe that digging into the past doesn’t help us create a different present and future. The more we focus on the past, the more chances we have to repeat different versions of it.


If we want to create a good, happy and successful life we need to have the mindset and behaviors to achieve it.


For example, if I want to be a doctor, I have to go to medical school to acquire the necessary skills. We don’t question this logic; however, we rarely apply it to our emotional life. We all want happiness, confidence and positive relationships, but we strive for these things without the healthy emotional skills that these goals require.

Therapy under Hypnosis works on both conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.


Clinical hypnosis allows to help the mind disconnect from emotional baggage of the past 

(fears, traumas, negative experiences, etc.).


The counseling part provides the tools and techniques for making better choices, transforming unhelpful attitudes and patterns, creating a better relationship with self and others, navigating through problems and acquire self-leadership skills. 

Results achieved through

Therapy under Hypnosis:




Control over emotions

Self-trust, faith in myself

Living in the present

Being kind to myself

Confidence in decisions

Understanding what I want for myself

Putting my happiness first

Feeling connected with myself



Positive attitude

Self-leadership, breaking codependency

Better self-image

Sense of direction

Understanding my future and goals


Ability to stand my ground


Motivation to take challenges

Embracing vulnerability

Ability to express emotions


Better self-understanding

Being proactive


Feeling accomplished


Feeling in control

Feeling ok with uncertainty

Greater awareness

Ability to lead myself through stressful situations

Healthier relationships with

family and friends

Reestablishing meaning in life

Getting over traumatic events

Discovering my potential

Not depending on opinions of others

Establishing my boundaries

Achieving fulfillment in my life

Not comparing myself to others