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 a journey to create a Good Relationship with YourSelf

"The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves".

I practice a holistic approach to resolving problems which combines counseling and hypnotherapy.

This therapeutic journey is designed to help you build confidence in yourself and break away from old / unhelpful emotional and behavioral patterns.  


Anxiety,  Fears,  Stress,  Feeling insecure,  Feeling overwhelmed,  Anger,  Depression,  Low self-confidence,  Negative thoughts,  Guilt,  Relationship issues,  Codependency,  Lack of self-leadership,  Impostor syndrome,  Lack of motivation and purpose, Unclear goals and future,  Difficulty in making decisions,  Self-criticism,  Lack of self-love and self-care,  Procrastination,  Unresolved emotional baggage,  Trauma,  and others

Therapy under Hypnosis helps resolve the following issues: 

Julia Lyubchenko sitting on the chair in her office
Don't look for Happiness. Become the source of it.
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