Steve Rother The 5 Conditions of Abundance

There are unlimited possibilities and wondrous probabilities when you understand the conditions necessary to create abundance in your life. Steve Rother describes five traditions of abundance.

Abundance is defined as having more than what is minimally required - when all your needs are met with more to save and share. The following are five simple, but not necessarily easy, conditions needed to create prosperity in your life:

The Five Conditions of Abundance

  • Pay yourself first.

  • Create a vacuum.

  • Honor the universal flow of energy (blending vs. separation, cause and effect).

  • Adopt an attitude of abundance.

  • Practice the art of graceful acceptance.

The first condition is to get into the habit of paying yourself first. People who say they do not have enough left over to pay themselves (i.e. save for emergencies, vacations, future goals) will never have enough. Paying yourself first is different than being selfish. Being selfish is when you put yourself first and do not assist others or when you get in the way of allowing others to assist themselves. Paying yourself first may be challenging for you if you have spent many years with a “how may I serve you?” perspective. Your inability to treat yourself well will limit the degree to which you can implement the five conditions needed to create abundance.

The second condition has to do with the laws of physics and the flow of universal energy. It is to create a vacuum. Because "nature abhors a vacuum", when a vacuum is formed, it cannot exist for very long. A vacuum invariably attracts surrounding energy/matter into itself. A vacuum is created the moment you share. This is a universal law.

There are two types of vacuums: one is non-physical and the other physical.An act of unselfish sharing, a non-physical vacuum, invariably attracts spiritual energy from the surrounding Universe.

A nonphysical vacuum is similar to the concept of tithing and receiving an exponential, tenfold return. The act of unconditional giving, like any act of charity, is an activation of this condition. It is important that the giving is not done from a position of sacrifice, scarcity, or lack. Thus thinking “If I don’t give to them, they won’t love me”- that you are not enough so you give to be loved - will affect the magnitude of the exponential return.

The second type of vacuum is created on a one-to-one physical exchange. For example, if you want to buy a new car, you clean out the garage to make room for its arrival, making space for what you desire. You can donate clothing to make space for the replacement by new clothes.

The third condition is honoring the truth that there is a universal energythat permeates all things. This is the energy of potential that you may call“God,” “Love,” or “All That Is.” Understand that this energy responds to your intentions and actions. This is what is called the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This is also referred to as the “Law of Attraction”. Examine the intentions behind your behavior. Intention is your primary motivation. Intent is extremely significant because it is the fuel of co-creation. Remember co-creation is your contribution to the creation process. Ask yourself, “Do my actions support a win-win or do they come from scarcity, make wrong, or any other type of fear?” When your primary motivation is survival, you continue to create an illusion of separation and lack. We live in an abundant Universe and the more you understand this, the more your personal life will be abundant.

The fourth condition is having an attitude of abundance. Adopt an attitude of abundance in everything you do. The best way to learn how to do this is by observing others who are healthy role models in abundant living. It is imperative that you learn to treat yourself well. How you define your reality as abundant is by the way you treat yourself Now. All of us deserve abundance and all of us are worthy. Make a commitment to no longer being cheap with yourself. The two ways to become abundant are by reaching for more and by becoming grateful for what you already have. Abundance is an attitude, and thankfully, the attitude can be achieved from wherever you are at this very moment. A great way to condition yourself is to start each day acknowledging at least five things for which you are grateful.

The fifth condition is the art of gracefully accepting what comes to you. Many of you are wonderful at giving but have a very difficult time with allowing yourself to receive. Abundance only flows to the degree to which you allow it to flow; so when anything comes your way, challenge yourself to find the most graceful way to accept it. Since the true gift belongs to the giver, do not want to rob the giver of the gift by not accepting it gracefully. Start by learning to accept compliments and small gifts gracefully.

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