Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer?

This is a story of the Swiss man Fabian who wishes to have a normal human interaction.

Fabian is a man with a big heart and limited physical capabilities. When he was in school he was in a car accident after which he had to learn to eat and talk. Because of his appearance Fabian got used that people don't want to sit next to him in the public transportation. On the street people pass him by quickly avoiding getting close to him.

Fabian really wanted to find friends and one day he decided to go out to a busy square in a bear costume.

Fabian spent 2 months preparing for this step, the bear costume was very heavy and it was difficult to walk wearing it. Besides there was a fear of people not accepting him in his new disguise. He wanted to be heard: "I'm just like you, I'm a normal person".

P.S. Don't judge people according to their appearance. After all, we all need kindness and a human connection.

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