The Parable of Two Angels

Scene: Two Angels, a woman running to work, steep staircase.

- Push her, push her, I’m telling you!

- The staircase is really steep, she is going to be killed!

- I will watch out for her, she will only break her leg!

- That’s terrible, she needs to go to work, she has already been late for three days in a row!

- Yes, and now she is going to be on sick leave for at least 3 weeks. She is going to be fired later.

- You can’t do this, what is she going to do without her job? And the salary is really good.

- I’m telling you, push her, I’ll explain later!

Same two Angels, highway, two women in a company car going at a really high speed. In front of the car is a truck loaded with logs.

- Throw a log, hurry!

- This log can kill them, especially if it gets into the windshield, they both have kids!

- Throw the log, I’ll make it pass by, they will only get scared.

- Why do you do this? Why do you need to scare them?

- I’ll explain later, after the curve there will be a bill board ‘Your loved ones are waiting for you!’, they will be ok by then, point their attention to it, let them stop the car.

- Both women are sobbing and calling home, so sad!

Corporate party. Same two Angels, a man with a wedding ring, a girl.

- Let him drink a bit more!

- I think he is good, he is already drunk. He is looking at that girl.

- Give him another glass, let him drink more!

- He is married with two kids, he is losing control, he is inviting the girl to go to the hotel with him.

- Good, let her go with him.

- He agreed, they are leaving, terrible! His wife is going to find out, she will divorce him!

- Yes, definitely there will be a big fight. It’s all been planned out.

Sunset, same two Angels.

- What a job! So much stress!

- Is it your first day here? On this level we teach by creating stressful situations. On the first level you teach with books and movies, on this level we have those who have already passed the first stage and books and movies don’t help them anymore. We have to push them out of their ways by creating stress, so they can stop and think how and why they live.

Let’s take the first woman, while she will be home on a sick leave with her broken leg, she will start sewing again, by the time she gets fired, she will already have 5 orders, she won’t even get upset about the layoff. She was such a great tailor when she was young! For the last 10 years she has been postponing starting it again, she thought she needed to work and put her social security above her own harmony and doing what she really wants. Sewing will bring her a better income and moreover she will finally be happy.

Those two women who were crying on the side of the road, one of them will quit her job, realize that she needs to be home with her kid and her husband, and not in long business trips living in hotels. She will have her second baby and study to be a psychologist , they collaborate with you on the first level.

What about cheating? Can this bring any productive change? It will destroy the family!

- Family? There is no family a long time ago! The wife has forgotten that she is woman, the husband drinks, they fight and blackmail each other with kids. This is a long and painful process, but it will push each one of them to start thinking, the wife will start reading your books, will understand that she has forgotten how to be feminine, will learn to treat her husband differently.

- Will they be able to save the family?

- Maybe! Everything will depend on a woman.

- What a job!

- You’ll get used to it, it brings results! Once you push a person out of their comfort zone, they will start changing really fast. This is how human nature is.

- What happens if stress doesn’t help?

- There is a third level. They teach with losses. But this is a different story.

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