You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Change and uncertainty. Discover the possibilities.

Change and Uncertainty Counseling and Hypnosis

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  • navigate through changing circumstances

  • manage and reduce anxiety

  • strengthen inner self, identity

  • develop self-leadership

  • identify direction and goals

  • understand how to make choices and decisions

  • transform problems into resources

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it can be risky.

it can be difficult.

it can also be beautiful.

and it will always

show you more of yourself.

Change uncovers the weakest spots in the system. Often it helps resolve dilemmas which couldn't get solved otherwise.

It urges us to figure these issues out or escape... But only to find ourselves dealing with the same problem but in a different situation.

Change presents chances to discover hidden potentials to transform our life. Change can be a blessing in disguise. 

There are three ways to respond to change: 

- embrace and work with it

Transformation and growth


Confidence, empowerment, trust

- fear and resist

- ignore

Crushed by change 




More fears, anger, disappointment

The main challenge of change is uncertainty and loss of understanding of the future perspective.

It triggers our worst reactions, fears and instantly brings our mind to the worst pessimistic scenarios.

It clouds everything and makes us fight an unknown invisible enemy.


Commonly change and uncertainty make us feel Angry. 

Anger comes as a substitute to our primary emotions associated with change:

- vulnerability 

- helplessness 

- pain 

We use anger to convert these feelings into an illusion of control and power. 


Key TOOLS for dealing with change:


Internal structure vs External structure. Compasses over Maps

Uncertainty challenges our understanding of normal: habits, routines, comfort zone and... our identity.

We usually build our lives around external structures: school, work, family, daily activities, financial system and all kinds of other systems that run our lives, safety nets, etc. When these external structures are shaken and there is no strong internal support, we feel like a house of cards. 

In times of change and uncertainty it is critical to rely on your internal compass:


  • value system

  • key priorities

  • essential emotional and physical needs, essential routines

  • Start each day by getting up at the same time, brushing your teeth and making your bed 

Emergence over Safety

The other side of change and uncertainty is possibilities, development and growth. We rarely see them because of chaos, confusion and being consumed by reassembling our old life instead of figuring out the new life. We get paralyzed by worrying about the changing parts of life. This prevents us from focusing on the bigger picture and embracing the changing reality. 


  • focus on things that you can control

  • keep your mind on the present moment, do small practical things

  • make time for yourself

Acceptance over Resistance

Fear activates our fight-or-flight instinct: fighting, resisting or running, escaping. 

This reaction is valid when we are saving ourselves from a predator or a natural disaster. However, in times of change it is counterproductive. 

We evolve and grow when we accept, adapt and explore the new reality.  

  • Go with the flow - become aware of your main points of resistance (these are also your main triggers and fears), enable yourself to work with change, do what you can under the circumstances 

  • Don't judge

  • When triggered pause for 3 sec and ask yourself: "What if I'm ok with this?.."

"Accept - then Act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it... This will miraculously transform your whole life" - E. Tolle

Learning over Knowledge

Knowledge is a wonderful tool which works well in familiar situations. It's like a cooking recipe - it's useful when we have all the ingredients and appliances. 

In changing realities the key tool is learning and trying.

  • Observe to notice and adjust your habitual behaviors and reactions

  • Ask for help

  • Gather relevant information, however refrain from getting too much information 


The Change Cycle

Pragmatic approach to dealing with

change and uncertainty


Transurfing Reality

Short practical guidelines to navigate

through change and uncertainty

transurfing therapy under hypnosis.jpg

Developing an open and agile mindset:

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.- J. Maxwell

One of the key emotional skills that will ensure our ability to thrive is being ok with uncertainty and operating in it's reality.

Change and uncertainty counseling and hypnosis:

- navigate through changing circumstances

- manage and reduce anxiety

- strengthen inner self, identity

- develop self-leadership

- identify direction and goals

- understand how to make choices and decisions

- transform problems into resources

I'm offering change and uncertainty counseling and hypnosis to learn and practice the skills of mastering uncertainty.

The sessions are available through online video therapy and are offered at discounted rates in the next 3 months.

If there's a will, there's a way